We conclude this stc with some tasty food.😊 It was great to see you all discussing the talks and on gathertown. Have a nice weekend and hopefully see you next year in Heidelberg.

It's poster prize time @STChem2021 🎉
Congratulations to Lukas Kunze, Sebastian Reiter, Leonard Reuter, Julien Steffen, Jiri Suchan and Mario Wolter!

Today it's award time!🥳 We start with the Peyerimhoff prize:
@JWestermayr "Machine learning for excited states MD simulations"
Johannes Dietschreit "Advanced techniques for the Computer Simulation and Analysis of Biomolecular Systems." Tune in!

Good morning! Welcome to the talk by @notherChemist on Regulation and signaling in proteins: challenges to multi-scale modelling, followed by Patrick Zobel talking about Efficient Simulation of Excited-State Dynamics of TM Complexes in Full Dimensionality on ps Time Scales and

Erich Hückel Prize for Gernot Frenking: Theoretical chemist honored for outstanding contributions to solving chemical problems using modern quantum-chemical methods https://bit.ly/3EFyBMd

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