Invited Speakers

Thomas BaumertUniversität KasselNew avenues in laser based photoelectron circular dichroism
Robert BergerPhilipps-Universität MarburgGet the point right: Nuclear structure and fundamental physics with molecules
Oliver KühnUniversität RostockA Two-dimensional View on the Exciton Dynamics in the LH2 Complex of Purple Bacteria
Ricardo MataGeorg-August-Universität GöttingenRegulation and signalling in proteins: challenges to multi-scale modelling
Benedetta MennucciUniversità di Pisa From light harvesting to quenching in plants: an atomistic description through quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics
Frank NoéFU BerlinDeep learning for molecular kinetics and electronic structure
Jiří PittnerJ. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, PragueDMRG-tailored CC method: towards transition and heavy metal compounds
Sandeep SharmaUniversity of Colorado, BoulderMean field and correlated calculations in molecules and solids
Olga SmirnovaMax-Born-Institut, BerlinGeometric magnetism and new enantio-sensitive observables in photoionization of chiral molecules
Gerhard StockUniversität FreiburgIdentification of collective variables and metastable states of protein dynamics

Contributed Talks

Alberto BaiardiETH ZürichPushing the limits of the Density Matrix Renormalization Group: from vibrational spectroscopy to quantum dynamics
Christoph BannwarthRWTH AachenHole-hole Tamm-Dancoff-approximated density functional theory: an efficient electronic structure method to simulate photochemical reactions
Sergey I. BokarevUniversität RostockA new perspective on the calculation of photoelectron spectra: Giving the photoelectron its physical source
Hugh BurtonUniversity of OxfordElectronic Structure as an Energy Landscape: An Orbital-Free Perspective
Dominik BreyGoethe Universität FrankfurtQuantum dynamics of electron-hole separation in stacked perylene diimide-based self-assembled nanostructures
James GreenConsiglio Nazionale delle RicercheA fragment diabatisation technique applied to the excitonic modelling and quantum dynamics of DNA
Juliane HeitkämperUniversität StuttgartA Quantum Chemical and Microkinetic Study to Combine Theory and Experiment in Catalysis
Carmen HerrmannUniversität HamburgChiral-induced spin selectivity as a challenge for first-principles methods
Henryk LaquaLMU MünchenAccelerating the Computation of Fock-exchange with Seminumerical Integration: Linear-scaling, GPU-acceleration, and Adaptive Numeric Precision
Corentin LefebvreCatholic University of Louvain/University of ReimsThe Independent Gradient Model: a new tool for the extraction, identification and quantification of chemical interactions
Stefan BehnleUniversität TübingenAccurate Thermochemistry and Structures from Second Order PerturbationTheory: The OO-REMP Hybrid Perturbation Theory
Johannes MargrafFritz-Haber-InstitutIntegrating Electronic Structure Theory and Machine Learning
David PicconiUniversität PotsdamMolecular photodynamics and its manifestation in UV-Vis and X-ray time-resolved spectra. Insights from quantum chemistry and quantum dynamics
Sudip SasmalUniversität HeidelbergNon-adiabatic quantum dynamics without potential energy surfaces based on second-quantized electrons: Application within the framework of the MCTDH method
Stella StopkowiczJohannes Gutenberg-Universität MainzElectron correlation with magnetic fields – a voyage from astrophysics to larger systems
Evgenii TitovUniversität PotsdamOn the photochemistry and photophysics of azobenzene in an aggregated state
Guido Falk von RudorffUniversity of ViennaAlchemical Enantiomers Simplify Inverse Materials Design Problems
Patrick ZobelUniversity of ViennaSurface Hopping Meets Vibronic Coupling Theory: Efficient Simulation of Excited-State Dynamics of Transition Metal Complexes in Full Dimensionality on Picosecond Time Scales